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with Casting Director Sarah Cayce
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Tuesdays from 6:00-8:00p
Starting April 11
$300 with 10 student limit

Work with Casting Director Sarah Cayce on audition technique from film and television in her four-week advanced audition class.


This class provides online lecture series from Sarah for students to watch ahead of time. From character development to how casting works, what Sarah wants to see in the room to what your agents do the lecture series is packed with information. 

Each week, Sarah offers a short Q&A session based on the online lecture. As soon as questions are answered, students get on camera. Students get on camera and receive feedback between three takes, receiving notes and redirects from Sarah. 

Who is Sarah Cayce?  

Sarah Cayce is an award-winning director, Emmy-nominated producer, screenwriter, and casting director. Her second feature film, F*CK YOU BIG PHARMA is currently in post, but Cayce's debut feature film, HAPPILY NEVER AFTER can be seen on Lifetime Movie Network. 


Sarah’s been producing since 2010 for narrative, feature-length documentaries, dozens of commercials, documentary content for Bleacher Report (which sent her to the Rio Olympics), and for select narrative projects. 


When Sarah isn’t teaching, directing or writing, she can be found running her casting office, Compass Casting. Having cast with filmmakers like Terrence Malick to John Wells, Cayce always keeps time for indies between commercial clients like Ford, AT&T, the NFL, and dozens more.


When I signed up for your class, I said I wanted to sharpen my skills before the upcoming television season kicked off. I never expected to book the first episodic audition of the season. I f*cking booked it!  I booked it thanks to the confidence and tools I gained in your class! Thank you!


You have an incredibly intuitive way of explaining things to people. It was pretty mind blowing, seeing the difference between the first take and the last take, all because of what you planted, suggested and pulled out of us. Just Goddamn impressive, is what it was. 


- Matt M.

The feedback and guidance I received was to help me improve, of course, but I also came away feeling confident about things that were already working well!



Prior to booking, please take a moment and review our policies surrounding COVID-19, vaccination, and cancellation. Please ensure that you are eligible and comfortable with our policies prior to booking.

Questions? Get in touch.

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