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Greetings and welcome to the demo camp orientation webpage! We’re so excited to have you! Please read the information below, which contains lots of information and FAQs. If you still have questions, get in touch!

Wednesday & Saturday Outline

Wednesday, September 20th • 10:00a-1:00p

Wednesday is our rehearsal day. You’ll practice each scene with your scene partners, get feedback from Sarah, and talk through any questions you may have. Please do not bring wardrobe or props this day!

  • Rehearsal - Running each scene with scene partners several times.

  • Studio Walkthrough - Walkthrough the space with Sarah to understand where set, holding and HMU is.

We'll talk through props, HMU, and wardrobe during rehearsal and will update the props list accordingly. 

What to Bring on Saturday

  • Please bring 3 options for each "look" - meaning if you want to wear pants in one scene and a skirt in the other, you'll need three (3) pants and three (3) skirts for us to choose from.

    • Wardrobe examples from indie films are in the gallery below - check it out for inspiration!

  • We made a props list based on your scenes, but props will be finalized 

  • Water - We'll have water and coffee available for you, but always smart to bring some just in case!

  • Makeup/Base - Makeup wearers, please bring your makeup with you on the day. Our HMU artist will have disposable tools to use in your makeup materials. 

Saturday, September 23rd • All. Dang. Day. 

  • Please bring all hair, makeup, wardrobe, and props per Friday's callsheet email.

  • Hair/Makeup Rules

    • Makeup Wearers: Come with a base layer to match your skin tone. 

    • If you are dramatically changing the texture of your hair, please come with that done. 

  • Getting in the building: Please enter through the front door of The Forge. Note: There will be crew working - please watch your step!

  • Getting mic’d up: Once your hair/makeup/wardrobe are good to go, you'll work with our sound engineer and team to get mic'd up.

  • Shooting: We're gonna shoot stuff!

  • Lunch: We have to pay crew, but instead of you all buying each other lunch, we're letting you get out of the studio and take 40m to stretch your legs and grab a bite. There are dozens of food options within walking distance, but I highly recommend JImmy's Pizza Cafe or L&M. 

  • Wrap - You did it! 


If you have read this entire page of information, please send an email titled "I'm Ready!" to!

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