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Actor Tools: Self Taping

Now, more than ever, your at home set up is so important for self tapes. Until this lovely pandemic comes to a close, casting is going to be remote for most offices. In order to help you create the best set up possible, we created two gear lists for you.

The Recommended Set Up | $104.22

Rates as of 10/06/2020

You need your phone, a blank wall, a light source, and a mic. That's it.

Lighting Link | Tripod Link | Mic Link

  • Camera: Use your phone. Most phones shoot high quality video, and you don't have to buy anything new. Make sure you shoot horizontally, not vertically, and you're good to go.

  • Lighting: When it comes to light, you could get away with natural light if you shoot during the day, and have a window that lets enough light in.

  • Tripod: Your setup has to be stable. Stacking up books to your height may not be the safest option, so we recommend using a phone tripod that you can affix to just about anything. This will keep your phone still and you safe from a homemade tripod collapse.

  • Microphone: Having good sound is a huge deal. Make sure you use an external mic that is pointed directly at your mouth. Try to minimize noise from air conditioners, the fridge, or your loud reader with a direction mic like this one.

  • Backdrop: Just use a blank wall. No pictures, no windows, nothing - blank. You probably have a spot in your home that works without you having to buy anything. Pro Tip: Don't stand with your back to the wall. Take a small step away from it to create separation and avoid shadows.

The Hustler Set Up | $622.31

Rates as of 10/06/2020

A high end set up for those who want to invest.