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Finally Home • January 2023

Happy New Year - thank goodness it’s 2023.

I’ve started and stopped this post so many times. How do I tell you that building this building was the hardest thing I’ve ever done - that it nearly broke me - while asking you to come learn and create here? How can I explain that this space was the home of so many men screaming at me, countless tears, and more of my blood spilled than I care to admit without sounding depressing?

I want you to know that this build was, hands down, the most difficult thing I have ever done. Finally, in January of 2023, I can say it actually was worth it.

My wife asked me recently, “What’s worth doing, even if you fail?” It’s this. It’s a training center for actors and filmmakers that gives everyone - all of us - a safe space to do our work. In an industry that created TimesUp, don’t we deserve a safe space to tell stories? Don’t we deserve a space that was built with love and built to protect our weird, squishy, creative hearts? I think we do. I think that’s worth building - even if it fails…but I hope to hell it doesn’t.

Rather than lament the horrors of this build, I'm looking forward to what I hope for the space. I hope this space gives you the safest space to try new things. I hope this space creates a safe haven for you to help important stories be told. I hope this space earns patina, gets touched by all our human hands, and grows into a well-loved, intensely cared for, creative home we all deserve.

With a few months of separation from inspections and horrible subcontractors, I’m really thrilled to have people in the space finally. The castings we’ll host, the classes we’ll teach, the intensives we’ll curate - I’m excited. I’m more excited to share it with you all and give you one more beautiful place to hone your craft.

I hope you come and enjoy the space with us. I built it for all of us.

All my love - and all my hard work,


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