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Sister Companies: Compass Casting & The Forge Chicago

We wanted to take a moment to formally introduce ourselves - as two separate entities. While there’s some crossover of familiar faces, Compass Casting and The Forge are sister companies.

Compass Casting is a casting office - and just that. We don’t represent or coach talent. We find and hire talent for various clients and projects - commercial, narrative, found talent, you name it - but we do not offer any sort of training services.

That’s where The Forge comes in. We are a training facility for both sides of the camera. We offer a variety of services including audition taping, acting classes, filmmaking courses, coachings, and more.

Why are they sister companies?

Compass Casting and The Forge are sister companies because they share an owner. The Forge seeks to strengthen the industry across the board, and that of course, is of great benefit to Compass, but that is the extent of their intersection.

While Compass and The Forge serve the same overall community, we do not directly work for the same subsets of that community. As a casting office, Compass is hired by production. We will always work hard to create a supportive and safe environment for actors, but at the end of the day, we’re working to build a cast for the production team.

At The Forge, we work for you. We’re a community of industry professionals eager to share our knowledge with hard-working students, and we always want to be in conversation with you. If there’s something that you want to learn that we don’t offer yet, please let us know! We’re constantly evolving and learning based on industry trends and your needs. We’re here to help you acquire and keep those tools sharp for any future projects, whether Compass is casting it or not.

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