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The New Space • Post 1

It's fall, the leaves are changing, and we're working on the new space.

If you read our previous post, you'll know building a new space was a huge shock to our system and definitely not expected. Despite the massive disruption this created, smack in the middle of a pandemic, we are so thrilled to be working on the new space!

What's happening right now?

We are patiently waiting for our permit from the city. That's the short answer. The much longer answer is that we are in the planning phase. When I say planning, I don't mean the sexy, picking out paint colors phase. We're in the "What kind of soundproofing should go between the walls? What carpet is the most resistant?"

Can we see pictures?

Yes! Obviously, there's not a lot to look at right this moment, but I'm a sucker for a blank slate.

Okay, but can we see the plans?

No! I love surprises. You can see the layout when you come to a few months.

That's it! I know it seems like there's not a lot going on, but there's so much happening. We'll keep you updated as often as we can.

- S

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