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The New Space • Post 2

A month into the new year, we have some exciting updates about the new space...and some bad news that made even me stop smiling.

The Good News
  • We are so close to getting our rough inspections completed. The HVAC is roughed in, plumbing is roughed, and electrical is almost finished.

  • Our concrete floors are finished and sealed. The tile in the bathroom and carpet in the session rooms are purchased, just sitting and waiting to be installed.

  • Our muralist, Brittni Mara, is sketching out the mural that will greet you when you walk in the front door.

  • The custom front desk is designed and being built by Aaron Busch of AD Busch Furniture, a craftsman in Portland.

  • Bonus good news: He's also building us custom benches to feature Brittni's work and give you some handmade art to sit on before classes.

The Bad News

We were informed we had to get a couple more inspections done than we anticipated. Maybe this doesn't alter our timeline at all, but more than likely, it means that we'll be waiting 16-24 days longer than we wanted to. So...send good vibes that this gets resolved quickly. I need them right about now.

I'm not great at sitting with my feelings, so here are some pictures of the space to keep you, and me, going.

Bummed about the timeline? Me too. Send good vibes and twice the amount of patience I've lost. Genuinely, I cannot wait for everyone to get to be in this space. Until then, stay safe sane as 2022 will allow.

- Sarah