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The New Space • Post 3

Y'all. This is it - the last post before the big reveal. We're trying hard to give you an update on where we are AND not spoil the surprise. So please enjoy a very vague check-in!

April 7th Update

  • The electrical is finished

  • The drywall is placed, mudded, sanded, and painted

  • The desk and benches arrived from Portland

  • The acoustic ceiling is hung - we're waiting on another inspection

  • HVAC passed inspection (after waiting 25 days for an inspector to come…kinda salty? You betcha.)

  • Carpet’s installed

Waiting on this stuff

  • ACH (acoustic ceiling) inspection

  • Plumbing needs to be finished

  • ACH Completion

  • Dampeners installed

  • Lights installed

  • Kitchenette gets installed

  • Final inspection

  • We FINALLY move in

  • Mural gets finished

This feels so close I can taste it. Everyone, cross your fingers that the inspections we need happen quickly. In the meantime, here are some hints about what we’re doing:


Open, airy, and chill. Chicago artist Britni Mara is designing an earthy mural for us. We want you all to feel so welcomed every time you walk in. You'll be greeted by a beautiful mural, plants, and lots of natural light.


The kitchenette was really important to me because my team and I are all big food/coffee dorks. Although we have limited space, we're grounding this extra-wide hallway around a warm butcher block, black cabinets, and lower light plants.

Casting Office

The Forge's sister company and my other business, Compass Casting, also calls this space home. My team and I spend so much time in our little office so we're going for cozy, earthy, and contrast...y.


It's a casting pool. Get it? We're going clean and campy in here. With most of our space being so minimal, we're going for a look here. This is all you get for now.

We're not going into the hallways or classrooms, though I'm sure you were really counting on that information. With so much to do - and doing so much of it ourselves - we're hard at work to get the space open for you all. We cannot wait for you to see it.

Send good vibes - and Home Depot gift cards if you're into it - while we pull through the end of this insane process!

See you soon (but not soon enough),


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