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Enjoy some free resources outside the classroom from The Forge. We have a list of Chicago's film festivals, paperwork templates, and even recommendations on other acting studios.



What does SAG Franchised mean?

According to SAG, "The Union “franchises” talent agents throughout the United States. A franchised agent is someone who has entered into an agreement with the Union setting forth certain terms and conditions of a SAG-AFTRA member’s relationship with an agent.

Although agents primarily seek out work opportunities for actors, they often do much more. They also help to ensure young performers are working under safe conditions, assist the Union in enforcing its contracts and help the parents understand their obligations regarding their child’s employment. There’s a reason so many actors thank their agents in their acceptance speeches at awards shows. The right agent becomes a friend and partner in nurturing a successful career. So choose wisely before signing with one."

We aren't making recommendations - just a list of agents who said they'll play by the rules. 

Filmmaker Resources

Groups to Know

  • Women in Film Chicago​ - For more than 30 years, Women in Film has been building a global community of film, television, advertising, digital and on-screen media professionals. With 6,800 members in the United States and 12,000 members internationally, Women in Film is the preeminent organization for the advancement of women in these industries.

  • Chicago Film Office

  • Illinois Film Office

  • Independent Film Alliance - IFA believes in Chicago as a place where all media creatives can achieve their dreams. Independent Film Alliance Chicago provides the community and resources needed to build a diverse and sustainable industry of independent content creators. 

Ask for Help

  • Noise Floor - Starting with just two sound designers in 2005, NoiseFloor has grown to a strong ten member staff of sound designers, music composers, producers, audio implementators, mixers and location recordists.

  • Camera Ambassador - Our favorite camera rental house in Chicago and a female owned business? Hell yes.

  • Johnsonese Brokerage - A Chicago film insurance company who knows the industry and will have your back.

  • OTV -  Open Television is a platform for intersectional pilots and series, supporting Chicago artists in producing and exhibiting indie series.

  • Full Spectrum Features - Full Spectrum Features is committed to driving equity in the independent film industry by producing and distributing the work of women, POC, and LGBTQ+ filmmakers.

Chicago Film Festivals

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