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The Forge is a training facility that provides weekly classes and weekend intensives for actors and filmmakers. The Forge was created by filmmakers for filmmakers and is committed to providing a place for Chicago's talent to work with working professionals.


From weekly classes to shooting demo reels, taping auditions to consultations with casting professionals, we are here to provide solutions. Question? Get in touch!

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Weekly Classes

Hone your craft training with working professionals in our weekly classes. Enjoy small class sizes, smart teachers, and a safe space to learn regularly. 

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From taping auditions to casting director consultations, demo reel editing to website feedback, we're here to help.

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Demo Reels

Instead of waiting on footage, take control! We craft two scenes catered to your needs and deliver two quality scenes within three weeks.

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Book Shelf

We love free. You too? Check out our recommendations on other acting schools, the city's film festivals, and more on our Resource Page.

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If weekly classes don't work with your schedule, try a weekend intensive with out-of-town guests and our teachers.

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Space Rental

Need a space for a shoot, a casting, a table read, whatever? Enjoy our creative space with cool art at competitive rates.

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Want first dibs on classes, intensives, and the next demo camp? Join our Dibs list for a 24-hour head start on all new enrollments. 
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I wanted to send you a quick thank you for all your guidance in the monologue class. It was a practice I looked forward to every week and a learning experience I won't soon forget. You are great at giving notes and I really value the insight you provided to better all of our performances. You have a great ability to be honest but kind which makes the very vulnerable process of acting a much more constructive and helpful experience. 


Getting footage that doesn't show your range sucks. Subpar footage sucks. Not having enough footage for a reel sucks. Badgering filmmakers for footage that may or may not be any good sucks. We're here to help. ​



I opened The Forge to give actors and filmmakers the safest possible space to learn. When the continued education is an expectation in every industry, giving mine a place I would want to learn.  From acting classes to demo reels, casting-level taping to kind, honest feedback, The Forge is here to help, however we can. ​

Better education, better industry. I'm honored to be a part of making Chicago's industry a little better, as often as I can. I hope actors and filmmakers enjoy the space - I built it for  them.


owner + director



2424 W Montrose Avenue, Unit W

Chicago, IL 60618

By appointment only


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P • (312) 766-6682

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9:00 am – 7:00 pm


9:00 am – 9:00 pm

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