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JUNE 3, 2023  $1,175


Getting footage that doesn't show your range sucks. Subpar footage sucks. Not having enough footage for a reel sucks. Badgering filmmakers for footage that may or may not be any good sucks. We're here to help. ​

The Forge provides a service that actors desperately need. By designing two scenes catered to your needs, we put the control back in your hands.

Show casting the types of roles you want to play. Be taken more seriously for roles because they can see your talent. Fill in the gaps your current reel might have.
Finally, get footage as fast and as professionally as you've been hoping for.
What We Do


Prep through post, we handle everything


When you enroll, you'll be prompted to fill out a short survey about the types of roles that your reel may be missing.

We'll write two scenes, specifically tailored to your needs. For any additional scenes, please contact us.


You will have a day of rehearsal followed by a day of shooting your scenes.

 A team of professional filmmakers are brought in to shoot your scenes to look as if they are taken from full-length projects. We will be taking extra precautions through utilizing preventative action in order to reduce any risk of exposure. Learn more about our safety protocols below.


Our editors will cut and edit your scenes to showcase your skills and talent.

We'll then send you two 1080p files for you to upload, cut into an existing reel, and share however you want. All footage will be delivered to students within 3 weeks of filming.


As a rule, I don't write reviews of anything unless I had a genuinely positive experience. Luckily, all I experienced with Demo Camp was positive. It was an investment in my career, and it was worth every penny. Not a moment was wasted. I'd be hard pressed to come up with another example of my time being so productively and respectfully used. Sarah and her team asked me what I wanted in my reel, and they delivered material beyond what I could have hoped for. I haven't seen the fully edited product just yet, but what I saw of the rough cut blew me away. Thank you so much for this incredibly positive experience and in helping me to create a tool that's going to help me with my career. (This is Alison, in case it shows up anonymously! I know I can go on, so please feel free to edit this down, if you end up wanting to use my testimony! <3 

Both the experience and end result are the best value to the actor. Sarah Cayce and team are teachers, directors and film professionals, that for the price of Demo Reel Camp, result in a fabulous product.

This is one of the best experiences I have had. I was so excited to share my videos and thus far I have gotten amazing feedback. I think the camp has zero flaws and that you did a great job structuring it. You made it an enjoyable experience and I have a lot of fellow actors who are thrilled to signup for the next session. I want to do it again! Thank you so much! ​

You have a wonderful way of creating a space where the actor practically instantly feels comfortable. If I were staying in Chicago, I would be signing up for classes with you.


You are a delight. :) And lastly, thank you for creating the demo reel camp!

I loved how almost every scene was intertwined with someone else's! The writing was amazing, and the whole process was organized so well.

 I very much appreciated your coaching, directing, and writing, too! You have a wonderful way of creating a space where the actor practically instantly feels comfortable. If I were staying in Chicago, I would be signing up for classes with you, and generally doing whatever it takes to be seen. You are a delight. 

I loved how comfortable Sarah made me feel during the coaching as well as on set! It still felt like a learning environment where I could ask questions and try new things which really helped me best show what I can do in my reel.



Your scenes will be sent to you the Friday before the week of the demo reel intensive. (No, you can't have it earlier - we don't want you over-preparing). We will also email orientation information, including guidance for wardrobe, and answers to a number of frequently asked questions. 


The Wednesday prior to your shoot is a rehearsal day. You will work with your scene partners and Sarah in order to focus your film acting technique and solidify your choices for the shoot. Studio Manager Eve Rosenthal will be available on your rehearsal day to answer any and all questions before or after rehearsal.


We will take every precaution we can to prioritize your safety during your shoot day. Vaccination (including a booster) is required. While we will be providing a hair/makeup artist, we do request that you provide your own makeup base, arrive with your hair done and ready for touch-ups, and that you bring your own wardrobe. 


Three weeks from production wrap, you will be delivered two 1080p files of your scenes. Upon completion of camp, if you would like to work with our editors to craft your demo reel, you'll be eligible for a 10% discount on our demo reel editing services for 6 months following your last day on set for camp.



Award winning filmmakers, committed to your craft.

Concrete Wall



Sarah Cayce is the owner and founder of The Forge. Yes, she's the casting director of Compass Casting, but did you know she's an award-winning filmmaker many times over?  She's also a two-time feature director, an Emmy-nominated producer, and professional screenwriter. 

Sarah tackles demo camp from a director's perspective when she's working with writers and talent and then puts her casting hat back on in the edit. She knows that these demo reels will be seen for a short amount of time so have to grab other casting directors fast. Sarah is committed to making your demo reel the best possible tool she can.




Chris Owsiany is a Chicago-native skateboarder with a degree in Cinema Arts & Science with a concentration in Post Production from Columbia College. He has more than ten years of experience as a freelance Cinematographer, ranging from commercials to documentaries to narrative work. 


Chris is a great addition to any team. He brings enthusiasm and an open mind to set. After multiple projects together, Chris and Sarah collaborate extremely well and easily. Their shorthand makes the day keep moving along and puts the crew and cast at ease. 




David Hagen masters everything he puts his mind to, whether that be photography, seamstressing, or - to The Forge's great benefit - editing. 


He has thoughtful and interesting timing, plus the technical know-how to deliver incredible reels that focus on you.

David is the perfect combination of efficient and creative, delivering you two high quality scenes as quickly as possible.



Your time is money. How are you going to spend it?



The free* option is auditioning for projects to get enough footage to make a reel. It looks like this:

  • Spend hours submitting for projects that may or may not be good.

  • Commute to an audition, hopefully at a safe location.

  • Audition for a role you may or may not be right for.

  • Get cast - yay! 

  • Commute to set, shoot for 12 hours, get a cold lunch.

  • Wait for a long time (sometimes years) to get footage and cross your fingers it looks good.

* free - If you put an hourly rate on how much time this will take, you're still losing money. 



It's expensive to do a demo on your own and not split the cost with other actors.


It costs thousands upon thousands of dollars per day of production. 

Splitting the cost amongst other actors will make it affordable and gives us other talent for you to act with.


You walk away with two beautifully shot and edited scenes within 3 weeks of filming. 

You come in, you film, you get your footage in three weeks. The end.




Your safety is our priority. 

  • Vaccination, including a first booster, is required.

  • All cast and crew will be required to submit two negative COVID-19 rapid tests.

  • Camp has a 12 actor maximum in order to maximize your safety.

  • All talent and crew will have their temperature taken, and will be required to sign a disclosure confirming that they have had no symptoms or exposure in the preceding 14 days. 

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