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Classes & Intensives

We offer weekly classes, one-day workshops, and weekend intensives as well as demo reel production and services designed to push your career forward. 

Classes & Intensives

Work with working professionals  in our weekly in-person classes and weekend intensives

  • Starts Oct 31

    300 US dollars

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  • with Alex Morales

    Starts Oct 7

    200 US dollars

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  • with Jackie Seijo

    Starts Nov 10

    200 US dollars

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  • with Mickey O'Sullivan

    Starts Nov 11

    240 US dollars

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  • With Lauren Abbott

    Starts Oct 16

    150 US dollars

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I can not say enough about The Forge and it's owner, Sarah. Sarah has created one of the best on camera acting schools in Chicago, and I have seen my skills grow exponentially under her direction, particularly in areas involving listening and character work.

She also offers self tape services that are convenient, thorough, and professional. Scheduling is easy, turnaround is quick, and prices are reasonable. If you are a serious actor in Chicago, I highly recommend them.


No upcoming events at the moment



If you're new to on-camera acting, start with Tier One. You'll learn the basics of film acting (even if you're a great theater actor) and give yourself the best possible foundation for acting for the screen.

Tier One Classes
  • Acting Foundations

  • Audition Foundations

  • Camera Foundations

  • Teen Audition for Camera

Class Tiers

To help you find the best class for you, all our classes are broken into three tiers based on training level and experience. If you have questions about which class is right for you, please get in touch!

Note: If you choose to enroll in a tier II or tier III class prior to consulting with The Forge Team for approval, and you are not qualified for that level,  we cannot process refunds or shift your enrollment to another class at no cost. Please get in touch with any questions or concerns.


If you have been acting professionally for 2+ years or you're a recent graduate looking to continue your training, push your camera technique, and work more specifically on your craft, Tier Two is for you. 

Tier Two Classes
  • Commercial Auditioning

  • Audition for Film & TV

  • Acting for Camera


Tier 3 is for advanced actors who are working (auditioning or booking) consistently who are looking for hyper-specific, supplemental training to maintain or hone their skills. 

Note: Students who sign up for Advanced Classes are often required to audition at the teacher's discretion. 

Tier Three Classes
  • Advanced Audition Technique

  • Advanced Camera Technique

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